Intuitive and complete, Incovar+ is Incotec’s new software of time management. Entirely adjustable, it will meet your needs!

Time management

Management of work time of human resources

The Incovar+ software solution ensures follow-up of the working time and activities. Incovar+ is totally integrated into your architecture, and customised according to your activity sector.
Since it is adapted to your needs and because our teams have brought a specific attention to ergonomics, Incovar+ is easy to use and friendly.

To manage time …in real time!

The legal rules in working time regularly evolve.
Their implementation is complicated: the situations vary from one person to another, from one service to another; the timetables are flexible according to the production constraints, seasons or vagaries.
A tool of precise measure of work time and forecast of needs in human resources thus becomes necessary.

Incovar+ facilitates the running of the teams and the distribution of the tasks. The management of a large number of persons distributed on several sites is facilitated, thanks to the full web architecture of Incovar+ and thanks to a powerful system of adapted Workflow.
The absence requests can be input, for example, by the employees and validated by their respective person in charge, via the intranet portal, which centralizes the real-time data.

Moreover, thanks to a fully dematerialised management, you win on all counts: time saving with the automation of processes, more reliable data and a better overall efficiency of your time management.

Incovar+: a modular and evolutionary offer

Principal features of Incovar+ software:

  • Display of the workforce in real-time
  • Calculation of time worked and variables of pay (bonuses, rest…)
  • Automatic detection of anomalies
  • Creation and updating of the schedules
  • Edition of statistics and dashboards
  • Interface with other software: management of human resources, pay, cost accounting…

Everyone gets their own Incovar+: self-service intranet for employees, managers’ portal, personalised home page for everyone. Counters, alerts, tasks to be done, requests to be treated…With Incovar+, information come to you, no need to look for them.

Additional modules, to be added as per your wish:

  • Declarative form: a module to declare your presence without clocking-in and -out
  • Profect management: scheduling and follow up of projects
  • Smartphone application: for both employees and managers, many possibilities for a mobile time management

Our solutions are adapted to each domain of activity. To know more about it, click on the tab of the profession that corresponds to you! You can also contact us.

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