Discover Incoplan, the software that allows you to meet the challenges of scheduling of production and of services!


Scheduling of resources and tasks

Incoplan is a software of assistance to the operational planning, endowed with decision-making tools. Flexible and evolutionary, Incoplan also knows how to manage the complex situations.

Your schedule, in your image

Sometimes, it is tedious to find the optimal schedule. It can result due to:

  • A number of tasks to schedule,
  • Rules of succession of tasks within themselves,
  • The number and availability of human resources and required material,
  • The objectives (economic, client service…),
  • Specific constraints of the profession and of the enterprise,
  • External constraints (supplier delays, legalities…),
  • Unforeseen incidents,
  • Gaps between forecasts and achievements,

Our scheduling software, Incoplan, suggests you a schedule that respects all your criteria, while remaining dynamic and adjustable further to the chances, in record time.

You look for a tool, as highly reliable as your expertise and your know-how?

Incoplan adopts all the specificities connected to your activity to build with you, your ideal schedule.
Incoplan adapts itself to your domain of activity, whether it is in production or in services.
To know the various applications of our scheduling tool, we invite you to visit our pages “business expertise” or to contact us!

The features of Incoplan

Our software of scheduling of tasks and of production and service resources possesses the following features:

  • Scheduling: elaboration of a complete and detailed planning.
    All constraints are taken into account. Allocation of human and material resources required according to the available funds, skills, cost … Balancing and distribution of the activity. Real-time dynamic updation.
  • Simulation: Display of the impact of a change in the situation on the schedule.
    Possible modification of all the information to create scenarios. Evaluation of the simulations presented in a dashboard to help to decision-making.
  • Manual intervention: the person in charge of planning has the total control of planning. This person can manually modify it as s/he wishes.
  • Advanced optimisation : Optimisation of the schedule according to your objectives.
    In the most complex cases, Incoplan calls a powerful optimisation engine (MPM ™) resulting from focussed research in mathematical and in artificial intelligence. To know more about it, consult our tab on this subject.


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