Our technology expertise

The Incotec software solution integrates perfectly into the architecture of your information system thanks to the mastery of the current technologies.

Interoperable architecture

Incotec uses architecture-oriented services (SOA) that ensure the interoperability of application software performance. The objective is to allow the company to adapt itself quickly to a new context of market.

An open technical architecture:

  • Operating system of servers:
    • Windows 2008, 2012
    • Possibility of a database server under Linux
  • Architecture:
    • Full web: compatible browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
    • N-tiers architecture
    • Application server, light client (TSE, CITRIX)
  • Relational Database:
    • Microsoft SQL SERVER
    • ORACLE
  • Easy connection (SSO: single sign on) of users via shared authentication services (IIS, LDAP, CAS, Access Master…)
  • Entering and exiting streams in XML, text, json…
  • SAP Business Intelligence (Universe Business Objects, Crystal Reports)
  • Office automation tools interconnected in the software package: extraction and merging of documents with the suite OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, SMTP server…

High standards of design

Our R&D team validates the latest technologies before integration.

  • Sound quality procedures, applied throughout the project, throughout the design of the software up to the follow-up of customer sites
  • Agile software development
  • Design in UML, the graphic language of modelling of the data and processing
  • Languages and development platforms used:
    • C#, C++
    • Architecture answering the standards of Internet and corresponding to the recommendations of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium): HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Javascript, AngularJS