Our dashboards

Incotec has developed powerful decision-making tools. They allow you to follow and to run your activity in real time, according to indicators.

An aid to decision-making in order to be reactive

Our tools allow you to access reliable and secure information in a simple way. The statistics are customisable according to the hierarchical profiles. The confidentiality of the data is thus protected.

Principal characteristics of our dashboards:

  • KPI (« Key Performance Indicators »)
  • Interactivity via intranet
  • Integrated workflow
  • Standard customisable editions
  • Dynamic filters
  • Customisable alerts
  • Automatic sending of emails

The wealth of the information, which is associated with info-centre tools, offers you dynamic analyses at various levels.

The integrated simulation tools allow you to achieve real time projections of situations that take into account constraints and objectives to achieve.