Our Incoservice software runs all service activities.

Field service management

Field service management

Incoservice is the software of Incotec that coordinates your service activities: after-sales service, call centre, installation, customer counselling…
It allows you to manage your resources in a effective way, to respond to the expectations in a customised manner and thus, increase your competitiveness.

Activities of service: a fast-growing domain

The service activity represents more than 70 % of the economy in the western world today. All the players of the social and economic life are concerned: businesses, industries, administration…

The fast development of service activities offers new perspectives: conquer new targets, develop loyalty, propose added value…

With Incoservice, structure your offer and reactivity to it!

Incoservice centralizes all the data connected to the addressee of the service. So, your knowledge base grows rich daily automatically. With Incoservice, you enter a continuous process of improvement of your services.

You have intervention requests?
Incoservice helps you to respond to the demands that reach you by reconciling the availabilities of your technicians and the necessary spare parts. The function “mobility of the technicians” ensures a rigorous and real-time follow-up of your activity your client site. Then the technician has precise information for his diagnosis.

Ability to react, structuring, rate of service, rate of satisfaction, are key factors that our customers reinforced with Incoservice.

The key functions of Incoservice, to be adapted according to your wishes:

  • Management of your call-centre
  • Scheduling of interventions
  • Forecast management of resources, supply of spare parts
  • Running logistics
  • Follow-up of the operations of real-time service: management of the mobility, the geo-locating, traceability, history of interventions, follow up of installed parc, dashboards
  • Internet portal intended for intervention requests and follow-up of the interventions
  • Management of service contracts
  • Back-office management for a follow-up throughout the relation

Our solutions are adapted to each activity domain. To know more, click on the tab of profession that corresponds to you! You can also contact us.


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