Optimise scheduling in environments with very strong constraints; such is the challenge that motivates Incotec!

Advanced optimisation

Advanced optimisation

Incotec developed an optimisation engine (MPM ™) for its module of scheduling. This tool helps the customer in case of complex problems that constantly ask for adjustments due to a fluctuating environment that imposes multiple constraints. The mathematicians speak about “combinatorial optimisation for NP complete problems”.

This technology is the fruit of 8 years of R&D in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence. It benefits from 6 years of stake in operational work in companies.


Optimal planning

Associated with our engine of optimisation, Incoplan goes farther than the consideration of all your legal or operational constraints. Your schedule is optimised according to the multiple objectives which you will have assigned to the optimiser.

Example of objectives:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Balance the distribution of the load
  • Lower costs
  • Optimise consumption of raw material
  • Limit sub-contracting
  • Reduce consumption of energy
  • Optimise the flow and the logistics
  • Reduce waiting time, stoppage time or movement time

The optimisation engine includes a function “simulation”, which allows to envisage various scenarios under the current circumstances. Its speed of execution is compatible with the time granted to make decisions. It is thus possible to estimate several options, without tedious calculations to be made.


Visible results of optimisation of scheduling

  • Optimisation of the resources
  • Improvement of the quality of service
  • Energy saving
  • Economy of raw materials
  • Ability to react in the decision-making, anticipation of needs
  • Fluidified organisation
  • Improved flow


Domains of application of the optimisation engine

Our optimisation engine (MPM™) can associate itself with the following software solutions of Incotec:


Other possible applications

Incotec’s optimisation engine (MPM™) is a support to the aid to decision-making while critical choices are made.

Thus, it can adapt itself and deploy itself in other specific domains:

  • insurance
  • finance
  • marketing
  • dynamic pricing
  • construction
  • design

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