Incotec makes a commitment to accompany its customer until the complete success of its project. Our project management is based on a professional rigour and a professional know-how resulting from experimentation. Our consultants are at your service …

Project support

Management of project

Quality procedure

Implementation of our solutions follows a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) so as to give our clients the best service possible. Le QAP describes:

  • The objectives of the project
  • All the arrangements that will help to carry them out well.

Following the framework formalized by the QAP contributes to the control of the project and ensures its success. It also allows to establish a dialogue based on factual and controllable elements between the various interlocutors of the project.
The Incotec method of running the project guarantees to the customer the respect for his objectives, for delays and for the budget.


Our consultants show a long experience in counselling and management of projects. The expertise of our consultants in their domains of intervention is complete. Thus they determine the solution that will deliver the maximum of its potential in your context.
They accompany you then in the implementation of your project: definition of the schedule, estimation of loads, recommendations for the constitution of the project teams …

Incotec proposes counselling days in various stages of your project. From the consulting targeted to assist in global project ownership, Incotec adapts itself to your expectations:

  • Study of the initial situation and needs
  • Validation of the technical feasibility
  • Analysis of the risks and recommendations
  • Collaboration in management of the change, assistance in setting up
  • Help in choice of complementary tools