Jul 2018

Incotec innovates in its means of communication!


Last March, 6 co-workers from Incotec have been trained to create videos with smartphones! Incotec wanted to bring more dynamics in its communication with homemade videos.
Supervised by Nicolas Pelletier, professional video director for Via Storia, Eloïse CHANOINE, Eric DOLLINGER, Julie BAUMERT, Julien LEROUX, Lisa RUMELHART and Nicolas COZIC went back to school to follow …

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Jun 2018

Incotec, GDPR and you

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims primarily to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. As from may 25th 2018, new regulations are enforced.
As a matter of fact, each business requires working with personal data: …

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Apr 2018

[New client] At Joël Pruvost, accountants are well organised!

Chartered accountant office located in Waziers (North of France), Joel Pruvost has chosen Incotec to provide them with an automated solution to schedule tasks and organise their activity.
Their aim was to schedule – in an automated and optimised manner – the tasks of its 35 employees, spread across different locations, and to monitor their activity. …

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Feb 2018

[Kick-off] New version of our time and activity management software!

For months, our engineers have been working on a major evolution of our time and activity management software Incovar+.
Today, with our utmost pleasure, we present you with Incovar+ V2, the time management solution of tomorrow, available as of now! This is the result of a fruitful joint reflection between, our software designers, our ergonomics specialists …

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Dec 2017

2018 is looking good!

Very nice projects, new co-workers, new partners… For sure, 2017 has been intense! It was a nice opportunity for us to show our expertise and to serve your projects.
2018 is looking just as good and promising. It will be our pleasure to assist you with your daily challenges.
The whole team would like to wish you …

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Dec 2017

Incotec is in tune with Bollwiller’s 1882 Harmony

This year we are pleased to support a local music association. This is 1882 Harmony of Bollwiller (France). As its name suggests it this formation was founded in 1882 by some particularly passionate musicians. A large part of the village population assisted in the purchase of the instruments and a room was made available …

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Nov 2017

Incotec is once again united against hunger.

For the third year in a row, men and women of Incotec have taken part in the Inter-company Challenge of Action against Hunger (AAH). The fundraising consists in a sports challenge during which runners, walkers and even dancers defend both a great humanitarian cause and the company they work for.
The concept is as follows, for …

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Oct 2017

Let’s get the 2018 Incovar+ Great Meeting started!

The next Incovar+ training session has been kicked off. Registrations are now open for the 2018 session which will take place in Strasbourg from June 19th to 21st, 2018.
What is the Incovar+ Great Meeting?
It is a traditional meeting for Incovar+ users. Every 18 months, Incotec organises an exceptional training for its time and activity management …

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Sep 2017

On the (water)way to success!

Public institution created in 1991, “Voies Navigables de France (VNF)” or France Waterway Network, represents 4,700 employees, spread between the headquarters and 7 regional boards. The responsibility for the management, operation, restoration, development and modernisation of the network has been entrusted to VNF. Its field of action covers one third of the French waterway network.
VNF was …

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