Incotec innovates in its means of communication!



Last March, 6 co-workers from Incotec have been trained to create videos with smartphones! Incotec wanted to bring more dynamics in its communication with homemade videos.

Supervised by Nicolas Pelletier, professional video director for Via Storia, Eloïse CHANOINE, Eric DOLLINGER, Julie BAUMERT, Julien LEROUX, Lisa RUMELHART and Nicolas COZIC went back to school to follow a highly coloured training session!

In two days, our co-workers have learned the basics: camera movements, framing, rules for shooting, light management, editing… on a practical case.

Equipped with sticks, mikes…and their smartphone, they dug right into it, as if they were professional directors and cameramen, for a very promising result!

During the training, they were able to shoot and edit videos satisfying enough to promote upcoming events:

  • Teaser – Human Resources Solutions Exhibition
  • Teaser – HR conference
  • Teaser – Training session

But that’s not it! This training provided them with enough advice and practice to direct and edit other videos, in full autonomy:

  • Report Video – Human Resources Solutions Exhibition
  • Other videos are on their way

Incotec employees see even further! This new means of communication opens new doors, and the occasion for shooting are everywhere…

To view all of Incotec’s videos, check our YouTube channel and subscribe to learn about each new video.