Who are we?

Designer-creator of software solutions, Incotec contributes to the operational excellence of companies and administrations!
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Our mission

Incotec accompanies companies and administrations in running their activity. With Incotec’s software package, our customers achieve true control of their activity:

  • Scheduling of resources and tasks
  • Service management
  • Management of time

Incotec is at your service for your best performance!

Our profession

Formed in 1981, Incotec is a company that designs and creates software packages dedicated to professionals. Thus, for more than 25 years, we have been creating profession-oriented solutions for the private sector as well as public sector, for industries as well as service companies. The expertise of our engineers, the quality of our software packages and the seriousness of our services allow us to capture important national and international markets.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of Incotec rests on 4 fundamental pillars, determinedly directed towards customer satisfaction: passion, technology, flexibility and service.

Incotec has of unique talents. Our team is multicultural and multi-competent: engineers in computing, in mathematics and physics, consultants in human resource management, in management, in organization and in marketing … All are experts in their domain and passionate about their profession.

Our spirit of innovation is in the offering of any advantageous technical or technological opportunity for our customers. Our collaborators implement solutions of an outstanding technical quality, in perfect coordination with the requirements of the customers. What stimulates us: offer the best tools to our customers, to accompany them in the international competition.

Incotec is interested in its customers’ specific needs so as to offer them a customized software solution. Thanks to a close relation and listening closely to our customers’ needs, our software is continuously perfected.

Incotec makes a commitment to satisfy its customers throughout their project. Our products are evolutionary and can spread on a large scale. And with our range of services that is entirely dedicated to you, you can count on Incotec, daily!