Incotec facts

Incotec is a creator of software for more than 25 years. Our experience builds itself with our customers and our partners, to offer you the best of our products and services.

We are established on the international stage and specialized by sectors:

  • More than 400 prestigious references in more than 15 countries
  • A professional know-how recognized in industries as in services

Our partnerships and our certifications guarantee the quality of our performance

  • Incotec is Oracle Gold Partner and a Silver Partner of Microsoft
  • We follow a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) from the R&D until the implementation at client site

30 years of expertise: our landmark years

2013 Launching of Incovar+, our new time management solution and its range of additional modules. Incovar+ benefits from a cutting edge technology, user-friendly, open and evolving
2012 Launching of Easy Time, our range of cable-less autonomous time-collecting terminals (M2M) and its associated services, such as a cloud time and activity management solution
2009 Creation of the subsidiaries Incotec Brazil and Incotec Ukraine
2007 Incosav becomes Incoservice within the framework of the internationalisation of the offer and its funtional development
2006 Incotec reached the « Gold » level of partnership with Microsoft
2005 Acquisition of the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) skill: Incotec is an independent publisher of software
2004 Incotec is distinguished by Microsoft‘s « Customer Experience Award » for fine-tuning by creating Incoplan Steel – a solution dedicated to steel manufacturing industry
2003 Incotec presents to the CEBIT (Centrum der Büro- und Informationstechnik; German for “Centre of Office and Information technology”) its new optimization engine MPM © resulting from Incotec R&D in mathematics and in artificial intelligence
2002 Adoption of n-tiers and intranet technologies
2000 The « Trophée Régional de l’Export » category « Nouveaux Exportateurs » greets the internationalisation of the offer of Incotec
2000 Signature of partnership with Oracle
1999 In a tradeshow for human resources, Incotec presents the first solution of clock in or out on PC with a touch screen
1999 Creation of Incosav, our professional module specialized in the management of service activities
1998 Creation of Incoplan, our module profession specialized in the scheduling under constraints
1997 Creation of the subsidiary Incotec Software India PVT LTD, specialised development centre
1996 Signature of partnership with Microsoft 
1995 Incotec establishes itself in a new location at Illkirch, in the Parc d’Innovation that groups companies developing and integrating new technologies
1992 Adoption of the Client/Server, Oracle, SQL Server technologies for the Windows environment for Incotec products
1988 Creation of Incovar, our professional module specialised in the management of time and of schedules
1985 Marketing of a software package of integrated management (ERP) into the Unix/Informix environment
1981 Formation of Incotec